Special Effects Makeup

The New York Times, Private Clients, Personal Amusement

Specializing in bloody wounds, burns, bruising, and prosthetic additions to create battle aftermath, zombies and fantasy characters.

Produced blood and wound tutorials for the New York Times website, About.com. Currently ranking high in Google under popular searches such as ‘zombie tutorial’.

Produced makeup for zombies in Yellow Springs, Ohio for the record-breaking Thrill the World event in 2009.

Zombie 101 makeup panelist at the MARCon 2010 event in Columbus, Ohio. Instructed MarCon guests on how to create wounds using latex, makeup and household items in preparation for the annual Columbus Zombie Walk.

Applied makeup and latex wounds to create zombies for the 2010 Yellow Springs Zombie Walk. Makeup and costumes for this event were featured in the Dayton Daily News:

Makeup, Special Effects